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You’re probably well aware by now that our blog for lesbians is full of useful tips on lesbian life. You can pick up new trends, discover new places, learn dating secrets, lesbian coming out, and feel amazing here. Today we’re talking about the best lesbians travel places and Instagram influencers. But first…

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You Have to Learn Where to Meet Passionate Lesbians

Traveling together with your partner is amazing. Everyone should do it. Even if you don’t leave your country, you’ll create many memories because the journey is important, not a destination. And to have a girl who’ll go on that journey with you, you have to put yourself out there.

Ask your friends to introduce you to some gorgeous lesbians they know, but you haven’t met them yet. That’s an amazing strategy because your friends can tell a thing or two about you before you ever see your potential date and boost your chances. Not so long ago, that was the most popular way of meeting pretty lesbians, but everything changes.

Nowadays, the simplest and most efficient way to meet cute lesbians is through online dating. You don’t need anybody’s help. You don’t have to go out and waste your time and money in bars. You don’t have to slide in some girl’s Instagram DMs. There is no awkwardness when you introduce yourself to some girl, and she rejects you because you won’t stand in front of her like a sad puppy. You’ll be at home; you won’t care if one, ten, or 100 girls reject you. There are thousands, on some even millions, of passionate lesbians on legit dating services. Before we move to check out some famous lesbian couples, we’ll reveal to you 4 steps to get the most out of online dating:

  1. Join a site; registration is free on most dating sites for lesbians
  2. Create an account, upload an attractive photo and write a unique description
  3. Don’t be shy. Send a lot of messages.
  4. Be active. Chat, browse profiles, use special features.

Famous Lesbian Couples You Can Look Up To

Now you know where to meet passionate lesbians. We’ll teach you how to be a cute lesbian couple when you meet your girl, but first, you have to see some examples. The best examples are famous lesbians who live in harmony with their wives. Every single woman on this shortlist is fascinating and inspiring.

Lauren Morelli and Samira Wiley

Lauren Morelli is one of the most amazing lesbians ever. You’ve probably watched Orange is The New Black. If you haven’t, binge it. It’s great. And Lauren is one of the crucial women who created that TV show. Her life is inspiring because she was married when she started writing the script for Orange is The New Black—married to a man. Writing the TV show made Lauren realize she’s a lesbian. She broke up with her husband and started dating Samira Wiley. Samira is another inspiring lady. She and Lauren met thanks to the show because Samira got a role in it (and did a great job playing Poussey). This cute lesbian couple can’t be put in the category of “lesbian Instagram influencers”, but their profiles are worth following.

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Robin Roberts and Amber Laign

Robin Roberts is a well-known name, but her face is even more recognizable. She’s the Good Morning America anchor, so most American lesbians feel like they know her well. Everyone who knows anything about Robin knows how much she loves her long-time partner Amber Laign. They’ve been through a lot together, but they never turned on each other, so these beautiful lesbians are truly an inspiration for younger generations of girls. Give them a follow on Instagram; you won’t regret it.

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Learn How to be a Cute Lesbian Couple Everybody Adores

Before advising on being a cute lesbian couple, we have to make something clear. The goal of a serious relationship isn’t to be adored by the community. The goal is to find someone who understands, respects, and loves you. Lesbian wives we mentioned above aren’t doing much to be loved by the public, yet the whole LGBT community loves them. That’s because they are natural. So our first advice to be a couple everybody loves and looks up to is to be natural. Be yourself, don’t try to copy some famous lesbian Instagram account, your friends, or anyone else. Be you, let your girlfriend be herself. That will make sure you two are happy. The love and support you’ll receive from other people are a bonus.

Before we move to lesbian couples traveling together, one more piece of advice – don’t push anything too hard. Specifically, don’t be one of those couples who bore everyone to death by constantly talking about their rights, equality, etc. That doesn’t mean you have to stop your efforts to make the world better for LGBT members, don’t make every conversation about that. Nobody likes listening to the same thing over and over. It will repel some people from you and your girlfriend, and if you’re trying to build up Instagram followers, that will slow your growth.

Are Any Cute Lesbian Couples Traveling Together?

Sometimes it’s not easy to decide where to spend a vacation. In those moments, Instagram lesbian influencers can save you a lot of time. You can check from first hand how different places are if you start following a couple of accounts built around traveling. We’ll show you 3 that won’t only reveal interesting places to you; they’ll entertain you as well.

Happy Camper Wives

Not only Valerie and Jessi will improve your Instagram newsfeed, but you can also learn a lot about traveling from their website. Those 2 lesbian wives are traveling around in a camper for years now. Their blog is like an encyclopedia of different places, tours, and even types of vans. The “Vanlife guide” on their site offers many value to everyone thinking about ditching everything and living on the road.

2 Moms Travel

The next lesbian Instagram traveling account is even more fascinating. Why? Because Lara and Deb aren’t alone. They’re traveling with their 2 kids, making 2 Moms Travel Instagram account a goldmine of info about traveling with kids. If you’ve ever tried it, you know how difficult it can be. Still, Deb and Lara somehow manage to do it while staying happy and in love. Follow them if you want to learn inside info about different places and plan your travel route.

Straight On Detour

What happens when a photographer and a travel writer fall in love and start a blog and Instagram? Amazing things happen, that’s what. Straight on Detour is full of useful tips on everything related to traveling. They even have a category on the website devoted to scuba diving, so you can look for places where you can make some underwater lesbian memories with your girl.

Instagram Lesbian Travel Influencers to Follow

You can never have enough of lesbian travel influences in your “Following list”. That’s why we’ll show you 2 more accounts helping other travelers plan their trips and discover new places.

Gabriela Here and There

Gabriela is one of the pretty lesbians traveling around the world. However, she took that quite literally, so she wants to visit every single country in the world. Her mission is 50% done because Gabriela traveled to more than 100 countries. Imagine how many useful tips you can find on her Instagram and traveling blog. Or you can stop imagining and start following Gabriela Here and There Instagram. Start discovering the world with beautiful Gabriela.

Dopes on the Road

Meg and Lindsay are another amazing couples who dedicated their lives to traveling. They are special because of their story. Lindsay and Meg met on a lesbian online dating site and nurtured their long-distance relationship until the moment came to meet in person. After that, nothing has ever been the same, which is visible on their Instagrams. The couple traveled through South America. They even got married in Ecuador. The ceremony was amazing; the girls looked even better, everything was perfect. If you want to taste a bit of their magic, start following LindsCale and MegCale on Instagram.


Places Popular for Underwater Lesbian Travels

We saved the best for the end. After giving dating tips and revealing the best lesbian Instagram accounts related to traveling, it’s time to show you some places where you can spend a vacation with your girl and enjoy some (under)water activities.

  • Thailand – Thailand is a famous touristic country that attracts millions of people every year. You can’t say you like traveling if you don’t have an Instagram photo from Thailand. Their beaches are stunning; underwater life is even better. If you and your girl want to visit Asia, put Thailand high on your list because scuba diving tours will change the way you see the sea.
  • Croatia – small but very diverse; Croatia is one of the most popular traveling destinations in Europe. With more than 1000 islands scattered in the crystal-clear Adriatic sea, you can enjoy water activities from Istria to Dubrovnik. Kornati National Park has a very rich underwater life. You can have one of those super-romantical underwater lesbians kisses surrounded by fish there. That photo would grab thousands of likes on Instagram.
  • Australia – recommending underwater activities without mentioning Australia makes no sense. The Great Coral Reef, swimming with sharks. It’s even possible to go on a submarine tour and feel like Captain Nemo.

We bet you have 1000 ideas for your next trip after reading this. Talk about them with your girlfriend. Show her the Instagram accounts we showed you. Who knows, she may be up for an adventure.

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