Almost Every Straight Girl Can be Turned Gay- Find Out How

This is just one of many articles on our blog for lesbians. You can check out other articles to learn how to seduce girls online, stay tuned with trends, and soak in dating advice from experts. Today we’ll explain how to seduce straight girls and make them question their sexuality.

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First Thing You Need to Know Before Seducing Straight Women

Before you even start thinking about seducing a straight woman, you have to know some things. Researching the topic leads to the conclusion that straight people can’t be turned gay because you don’t choose your sexual orientation. That’s correct. Nobody can choose which gender they’ll be attracted to. Still, that theory is full of holes because some gay people don’t know they are gay until a specific point in their lives. That’s why a lesbian may turn a straight girl gay. That isn’t turning straight girls gay; that’s showing them they have been gay their entire lives without knowing it.

The freshest and most famous example is Lauren Morelli. She was happily married when she started writing “Orange Is the New Black”. Lauren realized she’s gay while writing the script. Instead of staying married to a man who didn’t attract her anymore (because she’s a lesbian), Lauren started dating Samira Wiley, an actress from the mentioned show. If you look at their situation, they are a classic example of lesbian and straight girl dating each other, but that’s something uninformed people would say. Lauren probably had some lesbian thoughts for her entire life. However, writing a juicy script made her discover her sexual orientation. That means she never was a straight girl at all. It also means that Lauren didn’t turn her. She did it herself.

That returns us to the theory from the beginning. It says learning how to seduce a straight girl is pointless because it’s impossible to change someone’s sexual orientation. Again, that’s true, but the key to seducing a straight girl is to help them discover their true sexual orientation. It won’t work with any women because some are 100% straight and aren’t attracted to the female body. Still, if there is a 1% chance that a girl has the lesbian tendency, you have a chance. Many things have to fall into their places for that to happen, but the chance exists. That’s important for our next paragraph that will teach you the secrets to the seduction of a straight girl.

How to Attract a Straight Woman Online and Offline?

Opposite to seducing lesbians, straight girls’ seduction is simpler in person than online. First of all, if a woman doesn’t know she’s gay or bisexual, she won’t join any lesbian dating sites. Trying to send a message on social media might give you better results, but don’t expect too much. When you send a message to a straight girl out of the blue, she won’t take you seriously if you start hitting on her immediately. If you go slowly and want to test the water before giving it a shot, you are at risk of being friend-zoned. However, if you try to seduce anyone on social media with direct messages, go for the second strategy.

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Still, that’s not how to get a straight girl to like you. Your chances are much better in person. Most lesbians who are in love with a straight girl are attracted to one of their friends. Being a lesbian in love with a straight best friend isn’t uncommon. Although most lesbians never express their feelings. When you look at it, logically, gay girls fall for best friends because a real relationship is like a strong friendship with sexual attraction. Gay women can’t turn off their sexuality just because someone is their friend; you know that.

But seducing straight women isn’t impossible if they’ve ever questioned their sexuality. These are some factors in seducing straight women:

  • don’t push anything; wait for the perfect moment (two of you must be alone).
  • they know you’re gay. It won’t be weird when you ask if they’ve ever been attracted to women. It may seem like a bad movie, but that will plant a seed in their minds even if they’ve never thought about it before.
  • spend time together – if women don’t know they’re gay, you can’t just show up looking like a million bucks and expect straight girls to go lesbian out of the blue. They need to hang out with lesbians, and after a while, if there is “a gay seed” in them, straight girls will start question their sexuality.
  • compliment them, but in your way – straight girls compliment each other all the time. Complimenting their clothes or looks isn’t the way of seducing straight girls. They hear that all the time. Compliment their personalities, their actions. Squeeze a physical compliment every once in a while, and don’t be afraid to make it sound sexual.

How to Turn a Straight Girl On?

You just learned how to flirt with a straight girl. Now it’s time to learn how to turn her on. You’re a woman who sleeps with other women, so we won’t waste time explaining erogenous zones or anything directly related to the body. We’ll focus on the atmosphere that makes seducing a straight girl easier.

First of all, you have to be alone with a girl you want to seduce. That doesn’t mean you have to hang out alone with her. You can be together at some party, or in a bar with friends. A drink or two won’t hurt either. It will help both of you relax. When you feel the moment, ask her to go with you somewhere where you’ll have privacy. Then go for the jugular. Caressing or going slowly won’t take you far in that situation. Be bald, kiss her passionately. If she doesn’t push you back immediately, it’s a win for you. If she returns the kiss, you’ve just changed her life and succeeded in the seduction of a straight girl.

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If you’re in love with someone you already know, you can take a different approach. Invite her to your place. Prepare some food (or order it), choose a movie, and sit on a couch. You get it, don’t you, that’s the legendary “Netflix & Chill” seduction strategy. Choose a movie that might turn her on; it doesn’t have to be about lesbians. At that moment, she’ll still think she’s straight. Then when you feel the moment, touch her gently, show her you’d love to be more than friends. The worst thing that can happen is that she rejects your “offer”. At least you’ll have a straight girl to ask her what did you do wrong.

What to Do if You’re in Love With a Straight Girl?

Now you know how to seduce a straight girl, but you also learned that some straight girls are 100% straight. Nothing can change that. The same as nothing can change your sexual orientation. In situations when you fall in love with a straight girl, and there is no chance our lesbian seductions tips will work, do this:

  1. Tell her how you feel if you aren’t afraid, that will ruin your relationship.
  2. Use all your strength to stop checking her out on social media.
  3. Don’t gaze at her while you’re together; that will make you fall in love even harder.
  4. If necessary, stop hanging out with her until you get over her. If she’s a true friend, she’ll understand. If she isn’t, why would you care? Just move on. Time will erase her from your memory sooner than you think.

This blog article either gave you hope you’ll be able to start dating a straight girl who stole your heart. Or it revealed to you that most women have at least a bit of lesbian in them. Now you know how to win a straight girl’s heart. Good luck.

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